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Sirca North America Featured Product

6OPU280Gx0 Acrylic Polyurethane – Long Pot Life

This 2K Acrylic Polyurethane Topcoat can be used as a self-sealing topcoat that is perfect for open pore finishes.  As this coating dries, this finish will pull tight to the pore offering great grain definition and clarity.  As with all acrylic coatings, this finish is non-yellowing and contains UV inhibitors.

As an extra plus, 6OPU280Gx0 will give you up to a 24 hour pot life using its standard hardener. 

Available in several sheen levels from 5 to 50 sheen.

6OPU91Gx0 Scratch Resistant Topcoats

When durability and performance is most important, this 2K Polyurethane Topcoat will fit the bill.  This coating is perfect for countertops and industrial applications. 

Designed for any interior surface, this product has excellent flexibility and high build while at the same time providing the end customer with a hard durable surface.

In addition to its great clarity this product also exhibits excellent chemical and moisture resistance. 

Available in several sheen levels from 5 to 60 sheen.

6OWE600Gx0S04 – 3 N 1 Exterior Water Borne Exterior Topcoat

6OWE600Gx0S04 is an exterior water borne topcoat that acts like an impregnator, sealer and topcoat in one product.  This 3 N 1 product contains all of the benefits of an impregnator stain – anti greying of the substrate, anti mold / fungus and insect control and after the third application this coating provides a complete system that will provide excellent weathering protection.  

It is best if this coating is tinted using 6PTW tints.  This coating can also be applied over a tinted impregnator if the 3 N 1 product is to be used untinted.  Adding 6PTW tints to all three coats can cause the overall finish to look muted or painted out.  Used over a tinted impregnator gives your substrate a crisp clear appearance.

6OWE600Gx0S04 can also be used as a maintenance coating when it is determined that the overall finish needs to be refreshed.  This coating will not flake, peel or chip but over time it will degrade which is an indication that the coating needs to be refreshed.

This coating can be brushed, rolled or spray applied. And is available in 10 and 25 sheen.


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