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Sirca North America Featured Product

New Sirca Crossover

6CWZ4700 – New Water Borne Traditional Glaze

Sirca North America introduces our new Water Borne Traditional Glaze Base (6CWZ4700) that can be applied over sanded or unsanded coatings as a clean or dirty glaze treatment.  This new traditional glaze can be used between standard PU’s, Acrylics or Water Borne Coatings and can be tinted with 6PNW colorants.

6CR4500Gxx – Clear PU Converter Base

6CR5400Gxx is a Clear PU Converter Base that can be used to achieve those deep pigmented colors.  Using 6FBU colorants, your color options are endless.  This converter base is designed to be used over any of Sirca’s PU Primers.  As a complete system, you will notice that finish issues go away.  

6CR4500Gxx is available in 5, 10, 20, 50 and 80 sheen.

New Clear and Honey Tone Thixotropic Exterior Waterborne Topcoat

Sirca North America is introducing its new Exterior Clear and Honey Tone Thixotropic Topcoats.  The application of these new products is the same as our previous thixotropic topcoats.  The finisher should see no difference in the way it is applied to the substrate but with its new formulation, these new topcoats will last longer before a maintenance coat is needed to refresh the project.  

Using a standard impregnator stain and sealer is still recommended for the best results and when it is time for the finish to be refreshed don’t forget our maintenance coating options.

6OWE1000Gx0 – New Waterborne Clear Thixotropic Exterior Topcoat

6OWE1001Gx0 – New Waterborne Honey Tone Thixotropic Exterior Topcoat

Both of these topcoats are available in 20 and 30 sheen.


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